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pipeline status docs latest .deb


sudo apt install libzmq3-dev libsqlite3-dev

You need rust nightly: (assuming you have rust installed via rustup)

rustup default nightly


requestd --config assets/config.yaml


"is there a route configured?"

Sometimes it is necessary to explicitely set a route for the multicast address. There a two ways to set up a route:

1. use ip r for temprary setups

  1. get the source ip address for the interface you want to use (ip a)
  2. add a route for the multicast address: sudo ip route add ff05::2:1001/128 dev <interface> src <source address> table local

2. use systemd-networkd

If your Host use systemd-network for the network configuration you can simply add this to the .network file for the interface connected to the freifunk network:

# use your iface name here

# some network config here

# finally an explicit route entry:

"I am behind a freifunk node that has ebtable filters"

ssh root@node.ffhl
root@node:/# echo "rule 'MULTICAST_OUT -p IPv6 --ip6-protocol udp --ip6-destination-port 1001 --ip6-dst ff02::2:1001 -j RETURN'
> rule 'MULTICAST_OUT -p IPv6 --ip6-protocol udp --ip6-destination-port 1001 --ip6-dst ff05::2:1001 -j RETURN'" > /lib/gluon/ebtables/110-mcast-allow-respondd
root@node:/# /etc/init.d/gluon-ebtables restart