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*This branch of the script contains the ssid-changer version for the gluon
branches 2018.1.x and newer. For older releases of Gluon
use the branches "2017.1.x" and "2016.2.x".*

This package adds a script to change the SSID when there is no connection to any
gateway. This Offline-SSID can be generated from the
first and last part of the node's name or from the MAC address allowing observers to
recognize which node does not have a connection to a gateway. This script is
called once every minute by ``micrond``. It will
change the SSID to the Offline-SSID after the node had no gateway-connectivity for
several consecutive checks. As soon as the gateway-connectivity is back it
toggles back to the original SSID.

You can enable/disable it in the config mode.

It checks if a gateway is reachable in an interval. Different algorithms can be
selected to determine whether a gateway is assumed reachable:

- ``tq_limit_enabled=true``: (not working with BATMAN\_V) define an upper and
lower bound to toggle the SSID. As long as the TQ stays in-between those
bounds the SSID will not be changed.
- ``tq_limit_enabled=false``: there will be only checked, if the gateway is
reachable with:


batctl gwl -H

The SSID is always changed back to normal every minute as soon as the
gateway-connectivity is back.

The parameter ``switch_timeframe`` defines how long it will record the
gateway-connectivity. **Only** if the gateway is not reachable during at least
half the checks within ``switch_timeframe`` minutes, the SSID will be changed to
"FF\_Offline\_$node\_hostname" (or \_$node\_mac)

The parameter ``first`` defines a learning phase after reboot (in minutes)
during which the SSID may be changed to the Offline-SSID **every minute**.


Adapt and add this block to your ``site.conf``:


ssid_changer = {
enabled = true,
switch_timeframe = 30, -- only once every timeframe (in minutes) the SSID will change to the Offline-SSID
-- set to 1440 to change once a day
-- set to 1 minute to change every time the router gets offline
first = 5, -- the first few minutes directly after reboot within which an Offline-SSID may be
-- activated every minute (must be <= switch_timeframe)
prefix = 'FF_Offline_', -- use something short to leave space for the nodename (no '~' allowed!)
suffix = 'nodename', -- generate the SSID with either 'nodename', 'mac' or to use only the prefix: 'none'

tq_limit_enabled = false, -- if false, the offline SSID will only be set if there is no gateway reacheable
-- if true, set upper and lower limit to turn the offline_ssid on and off
-- in-between these two values the SSID will never be changed to prevent it from
-- toggeling every minute:
tq_limit_max = 45, -- upper limit, above that the online SSID will be used
tq_limit_min = 35 -- lower limit, below that the offline SSID will be used

Commandline options

You can configure the ssid-changer on the commandline with ``uci``, for example
disable it with:


uci set ssid-changer.settings.enabled='0'

Or set the timeframe to every three minutes with


uci set ssid-changer.settings.switch_timeframe='3'
uci set ssid-changer.settings.first='3'

Manual installation

If you don't have ssid-changer in your firmware, you can still install it
manually on a node and set the desired settings that should differ from default:


git clone ssid-changer
cd ssid-changer/gluon-ssid-changer/
scp -r files/* $LOGIN:/
scp luasrc/lib/gluon/upgrade/500-ssid-changer $LOGIN:/lib/gluon/upgrade/
ssh $ROUTER_IP "/lib/gluon/upgrade/500-ssid-changer;" \
"uci set ssid-changer.settings.switch_timeframe='3';" \
"uci set ssid-changer.settings.first='3';" \
"uci commit ssid-changer;" \
"uci show ssid-changer;" \
"/etc/init.d/micrond reload;"

Alternative: gluon-ssid-notifier

If you just need the Offline-SSID for administrative purposes, there is a better
solution, that will just add an extra SSID if a node is offline:

Implement this package in your firmware

Create a file "modules" with the following content in your site directory:


PACKAGES_SSIDCHANGER_COMMIT=f6db033d6568ea27805c9694b20085b8dec5ba87 # <-- set the newest commit ID here

With this done you can add the package ``gluon-ssid-changer`` to your


*This is a merge of and that doesn't check the tx
value any more. It is now in use in*:

- Freifunk Aachen
- Freifunk Frankfurt am Main
- Freifunk Kiel
- Freifunk Kreis Gütersloh
- Freifunk Nord
- Eulenfunk
- Freifunk Vogtland